what goes around comes back around

Zaire Robertson
whack. whack. whack. whack. whack. whack. whack. whack.
you done? you keep doing that like it’ll change sumn
like this lil bout gon fix sumn that needa a fixin when in
all actuality, the only thin round here needa a fixin is you

but you don’t like that do you, momma? i bet you don’t
but it’s okay cause you just like yo daddy and maybe i
shouldn't say allat but it's true, and ye knows it but thats fine
just keep goin and keep up wit ya 

one last time, one broken down chile you was supposed to protect
to the end of your time but all broken things need a good fixing.
and look, you did what you said you was gon do too

you said you was gon beat her. and beat her you did.
now that will really fix her fasho, she asked for it didn’t she
just like you asked for it when you touched sumn you had
no damn business goin roun and touchin but it happened

it happened all the same, guess most things do often n not
but the outcome goes one of different ways, just this time 
this lil ole beatin aint gon fix her if anythin
it’ll just lead ha to go on n fix u