Category Is Illusion

Trinity Lewis
Am I real enough?
My makeup sits on
brown skin,
as smooth as 
Charmeuse silk
Hair wavy like
my mother’s body
and long like a stream
going through an
empty castle.

Am I real enough?
This ain’t no disguise,
but if it was, could
you see through me like
I’m a glass figurine?
Could you see that my
chest leaves an empty space
in my corset.

Am I real enough?
As I go into
battle with silver
daggers for hands,
watch me slice through 
my enemies.
Their bodies are nothing
But, lightweight fabric.
They shall never dare 
question my right
to the throne again.

I am real enough,
and in the ballroom
I am a peacock
fluttering my
feathers over my 
blown-out head, and
I’m such a beautiful 
creature you wonder
if I'm even real.