My Daddy’s Weary Blues

Deja Robinson
Play the blues for me, man 
Cuz this woman been doin’ me wrong 
Makin’ me not have peace in my home 
So play the blues for me,
And Mike over there in that old rockin chair, 
Talkin’ shit wit them old bastards, 
Cuz his two cents is all he got to spare
He turned to the cats in the band and said, 
Play the blues for me
Play the blues for me, man
Joe sorry ass walk in cryin’ about some jive broad 
Ain’t lettin’ em see his kids cuz a coon took his job 
So he sittin’ wit his poor head in his poor lap 
 Yea, play these blues for me,
 Please play em for me, man
The good Lord knows I need it.
Then somebody granddaddies walk in after a long day of
Buildin’ the white man’s railroads.
They big and mad, flarin’ they noses, world got em angry as hell
They look at the youngins in the band and hold they face to they hand,
 Just play the blues for me, 
 Play the blues for me, man
 Cuz the white man been doin’ me wrong 
 Got me feelin’ like I don’t belong 
 Now I’m here singin’ this sad ass song
 So, play the blues for me 
 Go on and play em till the Lord’s lights come on 
 Play em, it’ll ease my misery.