Take Away My Life

Kamora Honor

A bullet travels at 900 miles per hour. It punctures its target. Its target. What is the target? What is your target? Who is your target? Is it the ebony man, living three blocks down? Fine. Did you know the body will send blood to the core? It’s to protect vital organs. To protect your target. Your target. It was someone you knew. Your target was innocent. Your target did not have to answer to the law. Not with his life. The trauma that you inflict on your community. Trauma spreads throughout my community. Now I must teach my children this trauma. Teach them that some people won’t like them. Why? Because of their skin. Do you teach your children trauma? If so, what? Tell me. What is it like to not choke on your fear? Now, should I stop the blood? Or the choking? Both are important. Like your target’s life.