Chloe Whigham
after Paul Gaugin

Madrid’s lapis heavens glide like paper airplanes
Above the lovely washerwomen at play
Compact, vivid material unifies them with the landscape
Their grins delinquent yet warmhearted 

One slopes atop another clutching a ram
Leering wickedly with her palm stiff on its scur
Disrupting the laundress at slumber with a sheep-skinned trick
Her workwear dress bold and scarlet as Lucifer's flesh

The washerwomen in yellow observes the she-devil
Smirking playfully with her brash companion 
A demon executing schemes as a hellish accessory 
Passing her time as a joker’s concubine 

Dozing off under the shining workday’s sun
Blissful in her circadian dream of splendor and riches
Ignorant to the waking world around her sleeping figure 
And to the spindle, she will prick it when her eyes open