Two Poems by Laylah Reid

Laylah Reid

Racer Number 001

i could hear cheering
my eyes were wound shut
i felt my chest break the ribbon
sweat dripped into my mouth
as the number tag on my back fluttered.
For as long as i could remember
ever since my feet touched the ground
i’d been running towards something

the deafening cries of my name
the endless claps from distant faces
something was there, i was sure.
And for the first time after years
of splitting soles and burning breaths
i opened my eyes
i felt like death

i was faced with a circular track
covered with my own nauseating steps

An Eclipse

You are my sun
i like to think of myself as the moon
i look to you for light
i exist within your luminescence

reflecting you
watching over the sky
as you sleep.

But the heavens know I am no moon.
I don’t gleam in the night
among the stars and suns.

For, i am an Eclipse
my body is dense and black
no light escapes through my ill lit flesh
as i fight to stain the sky.

Though soon this darkness will pass
my bruised skin will bleed with daylight.
And the sun will continue to shine.