The Careful Dance of Giving

Paul Reiger
--- The Fungus to the Dying Man

Give, take, give, take
You have taken and you have given for years
Give, take, give, giving, given,
And now I find you here, giving once again
One final time
I can see the faint light of a life well lived in your eyes 
As you lay before me, limp, losing heat
Lay your body in soil, boy
Let me care for your tender flesh the way you have so lovingly cared for mine
Graciously lie, put ease on your bones 
So that I may pick them clean with my roots ever so carefully 
I will build my home with your decomposition 
Generations of my loved ones will reside with you and keep you company 
Your life will not be forgotten as it is imprinted into the ebb and flow of nature 
I can hear you so desperately whisper into the air 
“If I am dying, then by God, make it quick.”
Swiftness shall bless you, and I shall conceal you
From the ravenous jaws of death, frothing and foaming in starvation 
Me your presence and I shall 
You a place to rest once and for all, boy, I shall
You solace and safety in mycelium and grubs for eternity.