The Church of England

Kamora Honor
I remember as a little girl,
I’d mention often to my mother 
how badly I wanted a boyfriend. 
Whenever I had a new crush-of- 
the-month I'd remind her of their 
name and zodiac signs. I’m not 
a big fan of Aquarius men. My 
elementary–still advanced in the 
worst ways–knew only that boys 
liked my khaki uniform skirt and that 
I knew the answers to every assignment. 
Most days I think of meeting that young 
girl. Telling her that liking boys is not a 
personality trait nor is the male perception 
reality. Though now, I ponder if I still am 
boy-obsessed. Now I ponder if I were 
presented with the “perfect man” if I’d 
return his affection. I ponder myself at the 
altar in a dull wedding dress. Hand in 
hand with a stranger, heart feeling empty. 
Looking into the crowd of buried women- 
queens. At that moment I stagger. 
Falling to my bottom. My body is still and breathless.