Two Poems by Isabel Magnotta

Isabel Magnotta


“Fire body” is what we
were christened in a language
now long dead, though, we 
are still alive, still resid-
ing in our treacherous home, 
liquid and lamentful. Oh,
we have lived long. We’ve seen man-
-y plasticine tragedies.
We’ve seen thousands perish though
we’ve survived by cloning and
cloning and keeping memo-
-ries alive, and though we have
no voice and are small in stat-
-ture, we will tell the world our

stories with the light from our
bodies from now until the
end of time.

Cannibal Villanelle

Lovers, like great, writhing snakes, entwine 
Around each other’s bodies, craving
Each delicate kiss, sweeter than wine.

They run cold hands along the spine,
Drinking each other in, chasing
After every drop, every kiss sweeter than wine.

This cannibalistic love is done by design,
It is a monster of lustful romance embracing
The minds of lovers, like great snakes, entwined.

But the lovers cannot not stop, they will cross the line.
They will submit to each other with bodies blazing,
Burned by every kiss sweeter than wine.

A dangerous romance words can’t define
But portrayed well by the scars remaining 
On the hearts of lovers, like great snakes, entwined.

They couldn’t be helped. Even divine
Intervention can’t keep saving
Lovers like great, writhing snakes entwine, 
Giving kisses sweeter than wine.