Spoiled Milk

Paul Reiger
According to a study conducted by the USDA on World Milk Day, 
The average American citizen
Purchases 15.75 milk gallons a year
The average lifespan of an American is 82 years
Consider 1291.5 gallons in a lifetime
You were 73 the night you died
Not all 82 years are guaranteed, not all 1291.5 gallons are either
The night after the crematorium took your body, I found a gallon of milk in my fridge
Behind boxes of grapes and various fruit
The expiration date read a few days later than the night of
I couldn’t help but cry
Because the average lifespan of a carton of milk
Is 4-7 days after opening, it had been 3 days since we got it
And yet you’re gone and here sits our milk
And however many dozens of miles away
You sit
Being turned into ash
Being dumped
Like a spoiled bottle of milk