Lord, I Invite the Holy Spirit

Tayla Arelli

Lord save me because the lens 

I look out of is no longer clear, 

I have lost sight of my path, 

my happiness has gone to sleep, 

my heart is heavy and there’s nobody 

here to bend down and help me carry it. 

There's nobody here to supply healers 

to tend to the open wounds on my heart. 

I have not a single thing left to give anyone. 

I am all cried out, I have no tears for anyone, 

I have halted my speech, I have no words for anyone, because every pain I’ve experienced rests in my bones. It makes the coldness of my fingertips, 

the stiffness of my tongue, 

the dryness of my eyeballs, 

everything, every single thing hurt, 

and before I go in the ocean 

to let the salty water ease my pain

and let the waves and the wind 

take me somewhere far, 

to never see shore again, 

I just wanna say Lord, 

I invite the Holy Spirit.